Fast Facts:

Manufacturer: Glock

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Model: 26

Caliber: 9 mm

Capacity: 10 rounds (factory magazine)

Action: double action only (proprietary safe action)

Safeties: trigger safety only (no manual safety)

Sights: fixed

Slide Release: left side only

Clip Release: left side only


First Production: August 1994




Gun, ammo, magazine, clip extensionThe Glock 26 is a subcompact 9mm semiautomatic handgun. Among the top considerations for a concealed carry weapon are reliability, accessibility, size and simplicity of use.  Glocks don’t have external hammers that could get snagged or hung up on a holster, belt or clothing. One significant benefit to the Glock design is that it does not have an external safety or de-cocker. These are usually located on the side of the gun and can be an impediment to drawing the gun quickly from a concealed location. This gun has a rather flat slide release and Glock rear and side, slide releaseclip release that keeps it smooth and compact overall. It does have sights on top that could interfere with the ability to draw the gun quickly but that is the same with any gun and it is worth the trade off. 

As stated previously, Glocks don’t have external safeties, de-cockers or external hammers. That might make some cautious about this design at first but it is designed for simplicity of use – which can be crucial at that split second time of need. I have always liked guns that are single/double action with safeties and de-cockers, etc., but I have to admit that if I need to use my gun it will likely be in a heated situation when adrenaline is high and split second actions will make a difference. This is why the simplicity of the Glock design won me over for concealed carry applications. Glocks have a trigger safety which is a little lever in the middle of the trigger that must be depressed before the gun will be able to fire.

Glocks are the weapon of choice for the vast majority of police departments across the U.S. and around the world. They are designed to resist corrosion, feed any ammo and fire despite all kinds of conditions (water, dirt, etc.). They also have an excellent ability to tolerate not being cleaned for literally thousands of rounds (of course regular cleaning and maintenance is recommended). 

Glock ammo extractor and chamber indicatorIn the picture you will notice the extractor (on the side of the gun, behind where the shell is ejected) has a raised square piece. This serves as an indicator as to whether the chamber is loaded. If there is a round in the chamber the extractor willMagazine indicator stick out beyond the surface of the slide. If there is not a round in the chamber then the extractor will lay flush with the slide. This indicator is in the perfect place for a right-handed shooter to quickly and easily check to see if the chamber is loaded without looking (in the dark). A left-handed shooter can use the free hand to check the indicator. A diligent shooter should make note of how the indicator feels with the chamber loaded and unloaded. Be sure and do this with your eyes closed or looking away from the gun so you can focus on how it feels, not how it looks. The magazine has holes on the back that indicate how many rounds are loaded. The indicators on the magazine and chamber are important features for a self-defense firearm - they give the defender a quick status of the firearm.

To someone who has never shot a Glock, the trigger safety seems as though it might take some getting used to. The trigger safety is actually so small and natural that you probably won't even notice it. This gun shoots real smooth and actually has a nice trigger. The trigger travel is much shorter than the typical double action or double/single action. This shorter trigger pull makes fire two or more rapid consecutive rounds much easier. The magazine/grip extension is highly recommended as it allows a much stronger grip on the gun to manage recoil and quickly reacquire the target.

Clip extensions, magazines, lasers, lights, etc.


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